Wide, U.S. and Russia Friendship Untethered

Expedition 53 Door Signing

Signatures of cosmonauts and astronauts from various countries decorate a door within the Cosmonaut Hotel on Sept. one in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Bill Ingalls / NASA

On Sept. 12, a brand new crew of astronauts — one Russian and 2 American — became a member of the remainder of their team for any five month mission aboard the ISS. They launched in the Baikonur Cosmodrome, a Soviet-era spaceport found in the same sleepy steppes of Kazakhstan that located Whitson’s momentous return earlier within the month.

Because the worldwide team hurdled into orbit aboard a 15,760-pound spacecraft initially designed to beat the U.S. towards the moon, the general public eye looked elsewhere.

“It is human instinct to appear away after something succeeds a few occasions, regardless of how amazing the achievement,” mused Robinson.

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