The Rocking Horse Project in Swaziland helps their 600th child

Swaziland’s only children’s palliative care programme, The Rocking Horse Project, was proud to announce they helped their 600th child on 23 November 2017 for only finding yourself in existence since June 2013.

Inside a letter delivered to supporters from the charitable organization, located in Mbabane, the main city town of the little African mountain kingdom, founding director, Denise Mortlock, writes that given that they started they need to date:

  • Provided transport assistance for 1,964 appointments with doctors and physiotherapists. Our kids are dying not from insufficient existence-saving drugs, but from insufficient use of these drugs and therapies.
  • Compensated for 119 tests to become done at private laboratories once the need was urgent but reagents were sold-out at government facilities.
  • Provided 4,589 times of accommodation at Hope House Hospice for kids looking for finish-of-existence, or step-lower or respite care. Where a relative is not available, we’ve also employed caregivers who accept the kids and take proper care of their demands.
  • Facilitated training through the Childhood Cancer First step toward Nigeria (CHOC) around the Early Symptoms of Childhood Cancer. Dr Gita Naidu, the mind paediatric oncologist at Baragwanath Hospital trained 32 nurses and doctors all four parts of Swaziland and also the national trainers from CHOC trained 169 rural health motivators.                        

There are also the numerous figures of kids who’ve benefitted using their time spent using the marvelous play coordinators utilized by The Rocking Horse Project who work on the hospitals and clinics. “Most of the kids with chronic conditions require multiple admissions and understanding that there’s somebody that will make their stay an enjoyable experience, helps to make the difference,” states Denise.

Denise has distributed to ehospice the sincere letter written towards the Rocking Horse Project by Nothando Khumalo, mom of the 600th patient. She writes,

With my finest humbleness,

May I please say thanks to you for which you have carried out for me personally concerning my child. She’d thrush in her own mouth and couldn’t breastfeed or eat any food. I used to be to traditional healers and clinics with no success and individuals were beginning to state frightening such things as how one individual informed her their child died after 2 several weeks in hospital and the other stated exactly the same once they too attempted a variety of things – saying which i is only going to go back home using the baby’s clothes simply because they cannot help we was getting very confused since i had attempted everything along with the conventional methods. 

I’d already recognized that my child would die so when I acquired to Mbabane Government Hospital plus they spoke for you as well as in your kindness and gentleness beside me you probably did the things they requested and also got the medication while you battled to have it in Mbabane you didn’t quit but ensured you thought it was. I made use of it when it had been provided to me and merely overnight, there is a outstanding difference using the child, such as the condition never was there!  

My child continues to be sick for 8 several weeks and i’m so grateful to you together with to Phetsile*, who accustomed to encourage me and appearance upon us and provide us courage and even if your child was well she ongoing. You actually helped my child even if I’d quit.

God be around you and also please still help others as you’ve solved the problem. Thanks.

From Nothando Khumalo, Philiswa Shabalala’s Mother

*Phetsile may be the Rocking Horse Project play coordinator employed around the children’s ward.

To find out more or provide support of any sort for this wonderful charitable organization, check out the website. 

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