Teen women at greater risk Comfortable with emergency department offering pregnancy prevention info

WASHINGTON – Adolescent women receiving an array of health care within the Emergency Department (Erectile dysfunction) are receptive to receiving details about stopping pregnancy, based on the outcomes of a mix-sectional survey printed online This summer 11 in The Journal of Pediatrics

Based on research team brought by Children’s National Health System, about 615,000 U.S. adolescents—or 5.9 of each and every 100 women and teens—become pregnant every year. Greater than three-quarters of those pregnancies are unintended. Under one-third of adolescents report getting received contraceptive counseling, and comparable percentage reported using condoms the newest time they’d sex.

“Because so couple of adolescents report getting a principal care provider and 16 percent from the 130 million Erectile dysfunction visits every year are created with this age bracket, the Erectile dysfunction may represent an expedient venue to provide pregnancy prevention,” states Monika K. Goyal M.D., M.S.C.E., assistant professor of pediatrics and emergency medicine at Children’s National and senior study author. “It can also be worth noting that adolescents seeking health care in EDs are in greater risk for pregnancy compared to national average, so targeting intervention for this group might have the initial possibility to reduce unintended teen pregnancies.”

They trusted tablet pc’s along with a web-based questionnaire to calculate pregnancy risk for 219 non-pregnant females aged 14 to 21 who visited a metropolitan pediatric Erectile dysfunction and also to measure the adolescents’ receptiveness to receiving contraceptive care services inside the Erectile dysfunction. Study participants’ mean age was 17. 60-nine percent were non-Latino black. 60-seven percent were openly insured. Pregnancy risk was resolute by scoring recent intercourse, the kind of contraceptive used and failure rates for your kind of contraception. 

70-2 % of study participants stated these were attempting to don’t get pregnant. However, 21 percent stated these were not able to acquire contraception because they didn’t know what to do, were too embarrassed to inquire about or were worried their loved ones would discover. 80-5 % stated the Erectile dysfunction ought to provide details about pregnancy prevention and contraception. 

“The study volunteers’ overall pregnancy risk was 9.6 – considerably greater compared to national average pregnancy chance of 5—but rose up to 17.5 for that study participants who have been sexually experienced,” Dr. Goyal states. “That method for every 100 women, we’d expect 9.6 to 17.5 pregnancies. Our findings support viewing the Erectile dysfunction like a proper venue to supply reproductive health services to lessen our prime rates of unintended teenage pregnancies.”

The research authors claim that future studies examine the proper way to integrate reproductive health services into Erectile dysfunction care and quantifying the outcome of these counseling on rates of unintended teen pregnancies.

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