‘You name it, Monique’s been through it’: Saved from the existence of chaos

Updated This summer 11, 2017 13:02:47

Monique returned to Broadmeadows Photo: Monique came back to Broadmeadows (ABC News: Margaret Burin)

“We’d nothing, literally nothing. We’d — I can not even repeat the clothes on the back … these were ripped, tattered, ankle freezers, not big enough … footwear which were holey. Oh God.”

Monique is talking about becoming an adult within the most run-lower portion of certainly one of Melbourne’s poorest suburbs, Broadmeadows.

And today, on the cold gray day, she’s arrived at revisit the scene of her nightmarish childhood — the block of public housing referred to as “Broadie Bronx”.

“It’s like home of f***ing horrors,” Monique mutters as she stands while watching bleak 70s-style double-floor unit she resided along with her drug-addled step-mother and terrifyingly violent father.

Run down units in 'Brodie Bronx' Photo: Run lower units in ‘Brodie Bronx’ (ABC News: Margaret Burin)

A scooter on the street in Broadmeadows A cat in Broadmeadows Photo: The cat in Broadmeadows (ABC News: Margaret Burin)
Shoes hang from powerlines in Broadmeadows Photo: Footwear hang from powerlines in Broadmeadows (ABC News: Margaret Burin)

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