David James, founder, Juggle Street


Published December 13, 2017 10:52:44

Entrepreneur David James may be the founding father of Juggle Street, a web-based platform that allows parents to locate babysitters and nannies within their area.

ABC Newcastle: Anthony Scully.

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Families describe what it’s prefer to manage the kid care juggle

Published December 13, 2017 10:52:44

Story a good online platform that allows parents to locate babysitters and nannies within their area. Includes senior high school teacher and mother Alison Ayling, grandmother Di Ayling, founding father of Juggle Street David James, rn and father Ray Emery, and president from the Australian Childcare Alliance NSW Lyn Connolly.

ABC Newcastle: Anthony Scully

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Why did childcare workers strike now?

Updated September 08, 2017 06:44:56

A large number of childcare workers across Australia walked from the job at 3:20pm on Thursday to demand better wages for that female-dominated sector.

It had been expected is the greatest walk-off ever, and it is the 2nd day’s national action in the sector within several weeks.

Here’s why staff continued strike and who had been affected.

What’s happening?

A minimum of 3,000 early educators in every condition and territory walked from the job to protest for equal pay.

It’s a direct result a ballot which saw 95 percent of educators election for national, sector wide walk-offs as a result of the things they have to say is inaction with respect to the us government.

What makes them on strike?

They left at 3:20pm simply because they stated it’s once they begin working free of charge due to low wages.

This really is despite early childhood educators spending between 18 days and 4 years studying to be eligible for a their positions.

The union’s assistant national secretary, Helen Gibbons, told ABC radio childcare isn’t a cheap business to operate, and also the Government must assist workers.

“They are available in vibrant eyed and bushy tailed using their qualifications and work incredibly hard in really responsible jobs and do absolutely wonderful jobs for Australian children,” she stated.

“But, with regards to getting their loved ones or buying their very own home they simply can’t get it done with that salary.”

Exactly what do they need?

The U . s . Voice union states staff want the us government to finance the sphere correctly, so wages can increase in the current degree of around $21 each hour.

U . s . Voice is asking for any 35 percent pay increase for early childhood workers.

Who definitely are affected?

The U . s . Voice union states families who have been affected were notified.

“We know there’s about 10,000 families who’ve needed to make other plans for individuals children all over Australia,” Ms Gibbons stated.

“Making this absolutely a hassle for individuals families, but it is also really inconvenient for individuals families to obtain their educators under valued.”

Individuals who’re unsure about whether or not they may take a hit were advised to make contact with their childcare center.

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First published September 07, 2017 11:45:46

ACCC concerned after-school care merger can lead to greater charges

Updated August 10, 2017 16:36:44

A suggested merger between two nation’s largest after-school care companies could cause greater charges minimizing quality care, your competition watchdog finds.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released an adverse preliminary set of Camp Australia’s bid to purchase Junior Adventures Group, which operates OSHClub and Helping Hands centres.

If approved, the merger would lead to 25 percent of from the nation’s before- after-school services being operated by exactly the same provider.

In Victoria, it might be nearer to two in each and every three.

“I believe our primary concern is you have the 2 greatest players within the out-of-hrs school care market getting together and they’ll be, combined, undoubtedly the biggest player, that will dwarf other players,” stated ACCC Chairman Fishing rod Sim cards.

“Our problem is that the lack of competition often see parents getting to pay for greater prices for out-of-hrs school care and may see schools lose a little bit of their bargaining position.”

He stated there have been also concerns that too little competition could drive standards lower.

“The very fact they’d be this type of heavyweight, they might start setting service standards and for those who have got this type of strong market position, you might aim to lower service standards and lift prices, so we have got concerns on cost and repair.Inch

Camp Australia, of the U . s . States-based private equity finance firm Bain Capital, may be the country’s largest provider of before- after-school care, about 780 centres searching after nearly 50,000 Australian schoolchildren.

It really wants to dominate another 400 centres presently operated by Junior Adventures Group, which operates underneath the names OSHClub and Helping Hands.

Junior Adventures Group is a member of the non-public equity firm Advent Partners.

Peak body welcomes ACCC findings

The height body for before- after-school care, Network of Community Activities, has welcomed the ACCC’s preliminary findings.

“For schools, it’s reveal what’s really happening, the foreign takeover from the out-of-school-hrs sector and the concept that government-funded subsidies to families will really go to foreign investors,” Chief executive officer Robyn Monro Miller stated.

“The very fact they belong to a good investment company means shareholder profits are likely to take priority within the care and wellbeing of kids, and i believe that’s something we really should consider like a community.

“Is the fact that what we should want for future years of kids in childcare services?”

In December this past year, Camp Australia was declared ineligible to win or renew any government contracts in Nsw following numerous breaches.

The NSW Education Department has confirmed that OSHClub and Helping Hands are presently qualified to use.

Mr Sim cards stated he was conscious of concerns the merger will give Camp Australia a back-door admission to the NSW market.

“The priority about service standard of Camp Australia did feature within our thinking. It had been informed by what’s going on in NSW however the concern would be a bigger one than simply utilizing it like a back-door access point,Inch he stated.

A spokesperson for Camp Australia stated the organisation was “reviewing the ACCC’s announcement”.

Junior Adventures Group seemed to be contacted for comment.

The ACCC will release its final report in October.

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