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Here are some of our recommendations for quality parenting sites. We hope you enjoy them! If we didn't list your favorite please email it to us so we can include it.

  • www.ivillage.com - iVillage.com offers busy women a community in which to share advice. Join other women to talk about, books, parenting, careers, computers, diet/fitness, food, money, pets, relationships, beauty, shopping, travel and working from home.
  • www.parentsoup.com - A strong parent and family community featuring expert parenting advice, chat, and discussion for all parents, grandparents, babies and children
  • www.parents.com - America's number one parenting magazine online.
  • www.abcparenting.com - Comprehensive source for parenting.
  • www.kidshealth.org - Looking for expert health information for the entire family? KidsHealth.org has the latest on everything from chicken pox to dyslexia in easy-to-read articles for kids, teens, and parents
  • www.parenthoodweb.com - Parenting, Pregnancy, Family, Childcare, Breastfeeding and Infant Health resources. The award-winning online parenting, pregnancy and family community for parents and prospective parents
  • www.parentinghumor.com -Celebrate the less-than-graceful moments of parenting with the internet's only site dedicated to parenting humor. Instead of telling our readers 'how to' we tell them 'me to!
  • www.family.com - Raising Kids - Child Development - Parenting Skills
  • www.babybag.com - Baby Resources from coupons to childbirth to recipes...everything!
  • www.parenttime.com - Part of the women.com network
  • www.drgreene.com- Alan Greene, M.D., provides thorough answers to pediatric questions. Topics include bed-wetting, ear infections, eating/nutrition, potty training, and sleeping.
  • www.thesmilestones.com - A fun site from Australia