Palliative care? Not only for kids with cancer or Aids

In her own newest blog Dr Julia Ambler of Umduduzi, Hospice Take care of Children in Durban, Nigeria writes:

I’m frequently requested, “so do all of the children you support have cancer or Aids?”

This fascinates me as there are plenty of other concerns requiring top quality palliative care. I am certain it’s something related to the publicity that cancer and Aids get worldwide.

The following month is both World Cancer Day, celebrated each year around the fourth of Feb and Worldwide Childhood Cancer Day around the 15th. You will find awareness several weeks for childhood cancer, cancer of the skin, eye cancer, cervical cancer, cancer of the breast, bone marrow stem cell donation and Leukaemia per week for CANSA care, or even a day for cancer survivors. And finally don’t forget forget National Bandana Day.

In your area, you will find over 11 non-profit organisations dedicated particularly to aid kids with cancer as well as their families. And although this is truly wonderful – lots of good people raising funds and doing amazing work – you will find children struggling with other concerns receiving little if any support whatsoever.

In order Umduduzi – Hospice Take care of Children, Person in PatchSA, goal to boost awareness for palliative care as well as for all the kids that require it.

“Palliative take care of children may be the active total proper care of the child’s body, spirit and mind, as well as involves giving support towards the family.  It begins when illness is diagnosed, and continues whether or not or otherwise a young child receives treatment fond of the condition. Health providers must evaluate and alleviate a child’s physical, mental and social distress.  Effective palliative care needs a broad multidisciplinary approach which includes the household and utilizes available community sources it may be effectively implemented even when sources are restricted.  It could be provided in tertiary care facilities, in community health centres as well as children’s homes.”

World Health Organization 2002

Therefore the children we have seen vary from newborn to 18 years old. There is a number of conditions including hereditary or inherited disorders, organ failure, prematurity, nerve deficits, infections not to mention Aids and Cancer. Every child with a disorder that causes signs and symptoms needs some type of palliative care may it be emotional support or discomfort management. And whatever the condition, their parents need support too. We might be unable to prevent all illnesses but through palliative care give us a call another strength and hope.

Help us in 2017 to boost awareness, because when folks know very well what palliative care is and it is benefits they are able to start to inquire about it and just then will the availability have to satisfy the demand.

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