LIV ON – a unique interview with Canadian singer/songwriter Amy Sky

The LIV ON Project and CD came into being because of a number of conversations between buddies about the most crucial things in existence: Love, loss, hope and healing.

In fact, the 3 buddies were worldwide star Olivia Newton-John, Canadian singer/songwriter Amy Sky and Nashville-based singer/songwriter, Janet Nielsen Chapman. All three had suffered profound, existence-altering losses but each continued to be dedicated to one factor: a wish to change individual grief into healing via music… for those.

ehospice was handed a distinctive chance to inquire about Amy Sky some personal questions regarding her participation in the building of this album. 

LIVON, your recently released album made together with Olivia Newton John and Janet Nielsen Chapman includes a very obvious message of hope and encouragement despite difficult occasions. Do you know us what motivated the building of this album?

Amy: The work began in 2014, when Olivia had requested me to assist her write an audio lesson on her sister Rona’s memorial service. Rona had passed the entire year formerly from the brain tumor. I’d lately lost my very own mother to cancer, and my dad some time before to Parkinson’s disease. Whenever we finished the song, we recognized there was hardly any music available to aid individuals who have been grieving a loss of revenue. Therefore we made the decision to produce a assortment of songs, and requested our friend Janet Nielsen Chapman to participate us. Janet wrote so superbly about grief because the passing of her husband, when their boy was 13.

Can you share your ideas around the healing forces of music?

Amy: Music might have an remarkable impact on the feelings. When the lyrics express a tale which hits near to home for you personally, they could be a rut to get in contact with your feelings, that is the only method to move healing forward. An audio lesson that leads to four minutes can also be a bit of a container for feelings – sometimes people believe that just speaking about the subject is simply too overwhelming, however a song includes a beginning as well as an finish. On another level, music by itself might help calm brain waves and soothe the spirit. The best song can soothe your brain, open the center, and feed the soul. 

What personal encounters with grief and loss have you ever had and just how these have impacted in your existence?

Amy: My dad died in 1997, even though it required serious amounts of adapt to his loss, with my mother still alive it had been simpler in which to stay relationship to him. When my mother died all of a sudden and suddenly this year, the double lack of her passing, as well as being a child without any living parents, would be a huge adjustment. I wasn’t in a position to function with my normal stamina or pleasure for a lot of several weeks following my moms passing. I had been quite shocked at just how deeply I had been affected, on all levels – physical, mental and emotional. I recognized I possibly could not be the sole one getting this type of difficult transition – that lots of bereaved people should be on the similar journey to transcend their discomfort.  I also recognized it had become an effect sufficiently profound to create me seek professional support and help from the counselor and so i could return to feeling like myself.

A part of my recovery process is to create music inspired by my mother’s existence and passing, that will be also significant with other people. In certain sense it is just like getting a spiritual project that my Mother and that i could work on together – it’s a means of remaining in contact with her in her own absence. Since she seemed to be a counselor along with a author, it’s in some manner a continuation of her very own pursuit to uplift which help people. One project, “Twilight Rose”, was an accumulation of Hebrew hopes which i set to original music. My mother’s Jewish belief and her passion for music were essential to her – and that i know she’d are just so happy with that project. Incorporated on it’s a setting from the Jewish prayer for that dead known as the “Kaddish” – that we set to beautiful uplifting music, rather from the usual melancholy traditional Tune. Another project obviously is Liv On, the collaboration with Olivia Newton-John and Janet Nielsen Chapman.
How can you believe the songs about this album can help others dealing with similar conditions?  

Amy: We would have liked to convey the “rainbow of feelings” that are members of an individuals grieving journey. The grief process includes feelings like despair, sadness, anger, rebellion, melancholy, and lastly Hope and acceptance. Personally i think like we addressed a number of these feelings with the range of tales we made a decision to tell about this record. We’ve already been told by a lot of people that they’re comforted by seeing their own individual experience, reflected inside a song. I believe probably the most common questions for somebody who’s grieving is – when am i going to go on? Well our response to that is you never really go on – you do not move ahead – you “live on” having a “stone inside your pocket”. Sometimes it is a pebble, sometimes it is a rock and often it is a boulder – but it is always along with you. And you’ve got to understand to place one feet while watching other, and believe that this invisible weight belongs to a brand new normal.

What is the particular song around the album that resonates particularly together with your encounters therefore, which and why?

Amy: Very personal in my experience around the record may be the song “I will require proper care of you”. It had been really written when my daughter Zoe was created, within the same year that my dad was identified as having Parkinson’s disease. Zoe was created on my small birthday, on September 24th, also it appeared in my experience to become an incredible metaphor about existence, that certain soul was entering the planet and the other was departing.

And So I altered the storyline to become in regards to a mother along with a daughter, and periodic existence story has truly been the song which has resonated greater than every other song within my career with my fans. I am so pleased to have recorded the brand new form of the song with Olivia and Janet on its 20th anniversary.

A lot of our readers have observed the tragic loss of a kid or use families who’ve experienced losing a young child. Performs this album possess a message on their behalf therefore, what’s that message?
Among the songs around the CD, “My heart is out to you”, was really written your day I acquired this news the daughter of the friend had died.
I was at Olivia’s ranch for any writing retreat for that record. I was really sitting and eating breakfast after i got the e-mail saying concerning the passing of my friend’s daughter. And That I stated towards the women – “what are you able to possibly tell somebody who has had this type of loss?” So we agreed that there’s nothing you are able to say to accept discomfort away, however, you allow the individual realize that you stand together within their sorrow. And you may let them know “My heart is out to you”. So we checked out one another – literally woke up in the breakfast table and walked to the piano and authored that song within an hour. And it is an audio lesson we performed in the Compassionate Buddies conference in Scottsdale in captured. 

I believe the key message would be to acknowledge for those who you realize they’re coping with this type of deep loss, and you love you and them are for you and them can walk together across the path. And yet another song that actually resonated whenever we sang in the conference, was the song “Stone within my pocket”. The thought of accepting the discomfort will probably be your constant companion, I believe us in someway comforting. No-one expects you to return to being how you were. You simply “live on”, having a weight inside your heart that becomes part of what you are.

Go to the official LIV ON website for more information and also to purchase the album. 

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