Jihadi Who ‘Likes the U.S.’ States He Understands how to Stop Terrorism

Image: Albert Berisha prays in Ferizaj

Albert Berisha prays in the mosque within the capital of scotland- Ferizaj. Armend Nimani / NBC News

In November, officials

linked him to ISIS people suspected of planning synchronised attacks, including one individuals Israeli team.

Berisha eventually managed to subscribe with Ahrar al-Sham, a far more moderate group that isn’t considered a terrorist organization through the U.N., the U.S. or even the Eu.

“I declined to commit any type of crime,” he stated. “And i’m very happy with this.”

Berisha made the decision to come back home only 5 days later after calling his mother: “After I heard her voice I recognized it had been an error.Inch

He stated at his trial in Kosovo that fellow fighters came back his passport after he faked a text to really make it seem like a relative was seriously ill.

Berisha stated he’s now focused on doing his part for his country. But his prosecution and looming prison term are earning it tough for his organization to complete its work. That will not stop him from trying, he stated.

“Every religion features its own black sheep so we cannot deny that we don’t ask them to. It is simply our obligation to cope with them,” Berisha stated. “We’re protecting our religion from their store, we’re protecting our individuals from them, and we’re protecting also others using their activities.”

“Within the first type of world war 2 against extremism ought to be Muslims,” he stated. “Not others.”

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