ICPCN introduces new e-learning course on perinatal palliative care

As a result of the large need and also the growing curiosity about neonatal and perinatal palliative care, the Worldwide Children’s Palliative Care Network (ICPCN) is happy to announce adding an e-learning course on Perinatal Palliative Choose to its eight existing courses. 

Perinatal palliative care may be the holistic, multi-disciplinary take care of infants, ladies and families following antenatal or postnatal proper diagnosis of existence-restricting conditions, supplying integrated ongoing support through pregnancy, delivery, postnatal where appropriate, ongoing death care. 

The program is made to enhance understanding of and confidence in palliative take care of health care professionals and support workers who take part in the delivery of choose to infants as well as their families. It’s wished that whenever completing the program, professionals have a better knowledge of what palliative care means at the moment which help to aid the lady and her partner through making decisions and making appropriate selections for their infant and also the greater family whenever this can be appropriate for example throughout the antenatal period during the time of diagnosis, during the time of delivery or at that time after birth.

This program continues to be made to:

  • enhance understanding, and confidence in, palliative take care of health care professionals dealing with foetuses, neonates and infants
  • raise understanding of conditions requiring perinatal palliative care and making the right referral with other services
  • improve the caliber of care and gain information about how the neonate ought to be looked after when a decision has been created to withdraw or withhold existence-sustaining treatment
  • consider conflict with regards to finish-of-existence decisions for that foetus, neonate or infant and just how this is often resolved in partnership between professionals and fogeys
  • recognise what support need to assist them to deliver palliative care
  • increase understanding of the organizations and death services open to families.

Modules inside the course include:

  • About Palliative Care 
  • The delivery of perinatal palliative care 
  • Creating memories 
  • Situation studies 
  • Resolving conflicts about finish of existence decisions 
  • Organ donation 
  • Perinatal Palliative Care Assignment

The program continues to be created by Alex Mancini, a senior neonatal nurse with more than twenty years experience and also the Pan London Lead Nurse for Neonatal Palliative Care. Before this, Alex was the Matron and Lead Nurse for Neonatal Complex, Palliative & Death Care at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital supplying practical and emotional support for families and staff, and it has been instrumental in developing local and national guidelines, including robust complex and palliative care pathways.

Requested to discuss the brand new ICPCN e-learning course, Alex states: “The Perinatal Palliative Care module is appropriate for just about any doctor who works together with families, antenatally, during the time of birth and through the neonatal period. The important thing concepts and philosophy of care might be relevant for just about any chronilogical age of the kid. This module is made to enhance awareness, understanding and confidence in palliative take care of all healthcare and allied health care professionals who take part in the proper care of babies as well as their families.”

All ICPCN e-learning classes are endorsed through the College of South Wales and could be utilized via world wide web.elearnicpcn.org

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