‘I Am Mad as Hell’: San Juan Mayor Blasts Aid Delays

Image: Water Chute in San Juan Puerto Rico

People use tubes to gather water in the mountain on September 28 within the Toa Alta and Corozal section of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Andre Kang / GDA via AP

The Government Emergency Management Agency stated now that Puerto Rico has gotten 4.4 million meal kits, 6.5 million liters water.

Yulín Cruz stated help is not reaching residents rapidly enough. She stated FEMA “has collapsed” in Puerto Rico.

“I am unable to fathom the idea the finest nation on the planet cannot determine logistics for any small island of 100 miles by 35 miles,” she stated. “When we do not get the meals and also the water into people’s hands, we will see something near to a genocide,” she stated later.

“I’m asking obama from the U . s . States to make certain somebody is within charge that can be the job of saving lives,” Yulín Cruz stated.

FEMA Administrator Brock Lengthy stated on MSNBC Friday that progress has been made. He stated airport terminal and port capacity is growing. “We’re making progress, every single day capacity is originating open,” he stated.

“We have labored to obvious 11 highways, we’re ongoing to push forward and open individuals arterial blood vessels so that you can pump more in,” Lengthy stated. “The end result is the capacity continuously increase.”

President Jesse Trump has recognized the government’s response following the hurricane. “We did an amazing job, thinking about there’s nothing to use,Inches Trump stated, adding that “the power company is finished.Inch

Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Elaine Duke stated Friday that “clearly, the problem within Puerto Rico following the devastating hurricane isn’t acceptable, but together we’re getting there.”

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