Hats On for Children’s Palliative Care at Ganga Prem Hospice

To be able to raise understanding of the hospice, a really new idea in North India, locals in the surrounding villages attached to the hospice were asked, using their children, to talk about the occasion with current inpatient Reshu, only fifteen years old. 

Regardless of a sophisticated brain tumor, Reshu was resolute to participate another children who required part inside a hat making competition. With paint, crayons and card board, the youthful children decorated crowns on their own and Reshu find the winning hat. 

Although now very disabled, Reshu herself required part in colouring with the help of staff and it was delighted together with her result. It had been lovely to determine the kids focus so diligently on their own art and pose proudly for his or her photos. 

Following some games within the grounds from the hospice, the kids, inpatients, visiting patients and staff all enjoyed songs brought by kirtan singer volunteer Dr Monika Pathania from AIIMS Hospital, Rishikesh.

Learn more about the job of Ganga Prem Hospice online. 

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