Exactly what does a young child Existence Specialist do?

Certified Child Existence Specialists® provide evidence-based, developmentally appropriate interventions including therapeutic play, preparation and education that reduce fear, anxiety, and discomfort for infants, children, and youth. Certified Child Existence Specialists are educated and been trained in the developmental impact of illness and injuries. (world wide web.childlife.org) Child Existence Specialists are experts in developmental theories and stages to supply assessment and interventions of social and cognitive milestones additionally to patient and family stressors and coping mechanisms.

Utilizing play like a modality of treatment, child existence specialists try to develop effective coping ways of help normalise a patient’s medical experience. Medical play is a kind of play that enables a young child to know an approaching procedure by way of having fun with an empty toy and medical equipment the child could see throughout a procedure. Significant play is definitely an chance to convey feelings within an appropriate manner. For instance, patients can pound playdough to produce anger or can make graffiti art to talk about the way they feel regarding their medical experience. 

Familiarization play enables someone to experience with medical equipment inside a non-threatening manner to get more acquainted with the gear they might see throughout a procedure. For instance, using syringes to squirt paint onto canvases or using plasters and kokies  (sharpies) produce a picture. Additionally to supplying support just before after a process, child existence specialists offer procedural support or distraction throughout a procedure by for instance blowing bubbles for that patient to pop or playing I-Spy.

While using language of play, that is familiar to some child, medical information could be communicated to some child and family inside a developmentally appropriate and minimally threatening manner.

Child Existence Specialists provide death care in addition to memory making activities for that patient and family, diagnosis education, advocate for parental participation, staff education additionally to debriefing traumatic and/or demanding encounters.

To conclude, Child Existence Specialists use brothers and sisters and families to build up coping strategies and developmentally appropriate regarding demanding or traumatic encounters. Child Existence Specialists work within part of a multi-disciplinary team that collaborates to supply the very best take care of each patient and family based on individual strengths and requires.

This information is republished with permission. It first made an appearance within the E-newsletter of PatchSA, the South African national children’s palliative care association. Bri Swope and her students visit Red Mix War Memorial Children’s Hospital every second year included in the students’ working experience.

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