A large number of approaching American Airlines flights do not have pilots

Image: American Airlines

A set of American Airlines jets are proven parked around the airport terminal apron on November. 6, 2017, at Miami Worldwide Airport terminal in Miami. Wilfredo Lee / AP file

The union statement stated in the statement that on Tuesday “management issued an update detailing the ‘significant holes’ at the same time and unilaterally invoked an answer for crewing affected flights.”

The audience stated it’d filed a grievance in reaction.

The scheduling issue is affecting flights in a few of the nation’s greatest airports, including New You are able to, Miami, Dallas-Fort Worth and Chicago,

based on a memo in the air travel to pilots which was seen by CNBC.

While pilots had loaded up their schedules with flights at first of December, many were permitted to consider off time round the holidays, CNBC reported.

“The air travel is really a 24/7 op,” Dennis Tajer, a united states Airlines captain and union spokesman, told CNBC. “The machine went from responsibly scheduling everyone to becoming Father Christmas to everybody.”

“The pc stated, ‘Hey ya’ll. You would like the times off? You have it.'”

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